QUALIFICATIONS:          Batchelor of Arts (Hons) Art and Design, North Staffs Polytechnic, UK,

                                             Master of Arts Humanities, Flinders University of South Australia,

                                             Doctor of Philosophy, Humanities, Monash University, Victoria


EXPERIENCE:                   Studio Consultant, University of Wales. Teaching, Avalon Studios, Sydney. Lecturer I in Ceramics, Darwin Institute of Technology. Head of Ceramics,

                                              Darwin Institute of Technology. Adviser to Ceramics: Art & Perception Magazine. Honorarium at       

                                              Monash University 2005 & 2006.  Currently in private practice.



 Studies of the historical and contemporary ceramics of East Africa, Italy, Britain, China, Greece, France, Japan, Mexico, Holland, Thailand and the United States of America. Research of the art schools and art galleries of the United Kingdom. Recently         

maritime history researched in the United Kingdom



                                        Solo: Celadon Blues, Darwin, Big Pots, Hobart, Big Fish,Launceston, Palatial Jars, Adelaide, Masks, Melbourne, Fish Eaters, Launceston.Coastal Pastoral,

                                        Tasmania. Fish Plates,Launceston, Coastal Heads, Tasmania

Group Canberra Exchange Exhibition, Canberra, From The Top of the Bottom of the World, Darwin, Contemporary Ceramics, Adelaide, Minor New Works, Darwin, NationalTeapot Award, Sydney, Cloth and Clay, Adelaide, 4x2 Sculpture, Darwin, Damn Good Pots, Sydney, In Black and White, Melbourne, Beneath theSurface, Launceston, Variety Club of Australia Award, Canberra, Collectors Ceramics, South Australia, The Teapot, Queensland, Myer Ceramic Award, Shepparton, Diversity in Clay, Mildura. Rye Crop, Sydney.

                                             International:International Ceramics, Holland, Australian Visions, U.S.A.Fletcher Challenge, New Zealand, Woodfired, U.S.A  Anagama Works,    

                                             U.S.A.Fletcher Challenge, New Zealand, Anagama, Holland, Millenium Jugs, Holland.



 Craft Arts:  Gold Medal Award Review, An Australian Vision, Allegorical Forms, Inglewood Award Review, Patrick Siler, Peter Pilven, Frank Boyden, Pauline Griffin, Jeff Mincham,Sam Keane. Pottery in Australia: Pit Firing, American Woodfiring,  Plagiarism in Woodfiring, A Scottish Sojourn. The Journal of Australian Ceramics: Vale; Vincent Francis McGrath, Vale: Robert "Bob" Mickan, Terrains of the Heart. Ceramics Monthly: In Holland, Historical Plagiarism. Ceramic Art and Perception: Sitka Residency, Teapot Exhibition, Richard Parker, Michael Doolan, Oregon Postscript. Artspace: Shorecombings. New Ceramics:  The Lost Worlds of Christopher Headley.

                                             Catalogue Essays: Rita Hall, Automata, Arcadia, Big Fish, Heartlands, Fisheaters, Heartlands; a Retrospective.



Pottery in Australia: Overseas Exhibition, Woodfire 88 and Fletcher Challenge Award . Craft Arts: Sea Themes. Ceramic Review: Gallery Segment. Ceramics Monthly: International Exhibition and Historical Plagiarism. Ceramics: Art and Perception: Sitka Residency. Catalogue Essays: Fisheaters, Coastal Pastoral and Shorecombings. New Ceramics: The Coastal Pastorals of Terry Davies. The Journal of Australian Ceramics: The Narrative Knot.


AUTHORED:              Australian Figural Ceramics, Bioregionalism: Area-Specific Art and the Relocated Artist, Borth a Seaborn Village, Herbert the Turbot,

                                    Borth a Maritime History.


FEATURED               Lane P. Contemporary Porcelain

                                               Mansfield. J. Contemporary Ceramic Art

                                                Osterman. M. The Ceramic Surface

                                                Boyden.F. Coexistence With Fire


Wedgewood Scholarship, Tea Tree Gully Sculpture Prize, National Teapot Award, and winner of the Variety Club of Australia Art Prize.


RADIO:                       Territory Tracks, ABC TV, The Home Show, ABC TV, CeramicsDown Under, Film U.S.A., Radio Broadcasts Darwin and Tasmania.



My artworks are held in public and private collections in Australia,Wales, America and New Zealand. I have conducted workshops and undertaken numerous residencies in Australia, the U.K and the U.S.A. as well as giving  public lectures at the same locations and delivering conference papers.